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Selenium with Java (Automation Testing)

Software testing has very high job demand across the globe.The worldwide software testing outsourcing market has grown to $30 Billion in 2010 and is expected to be $50 Billion in 2020 according to NASSCOM report. In simple words software development is incomplete without quality check and software testing helps to deliver quality software so that the risk can be minimised.


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In the current Software Industry, testing cost is crucial factor for any project. This is the reason why organizations have started using the open source test automation tool. You also most likely agree that Selenium Testing is now the leading technology in the test automation programming and where it is transforming software development. It is an open source tool that is supported by large volunteers of open source developers. Even more and more companies are adopting Selenium over other software testing tools.

Course Objective

At the end of the course you will be able to develop complex, robust, reusable frame automation frameworks which can test any web based application.

Core Java

  1. Installing JDK
  2. Developing simple java file oneditor
  3. Compiling and running .java filefrom command prompt
  4. –d option
  5. Static versus non-static members
  6. Classes and objects in java
  7. Difference between JDK and JRE
  8. Unary operators
  9. Variables and data types
  10. Typecasting– auto upcasting and explicit down casting
  11. Methodsand its rules
  12. Constructorsand its rules
  13. Thiskeyword
  14. Superkeyword
  15. Inheritancein java with several examples
  16. Conditionalstatements
  17. loops
  18. Exceptionhandling – Compile time and runtime
  19. Interfacesin java with several examples
  20. Abstractclass in java with several examples
  21. Polymorphism
  22. Instanceinitialization blocks
  23. Staticinitialization blocks
  24. Garbagecollection
  25. Enum
  26. Filehandling in java - File , FileInputStream, FileOutput Stream, Buffered reader,Buffered Writer etc
  27. Arrays
  28. Collections
  29. Stringclass
  30. Threads
  31. Wrapperclasses
  32. Annotations
  33. JavaMemory management
  34. Cloning
  35. Innerclasses
  36. Assertclass
  37. Finalkeyword
  38. Reflections
  39. Collection Versus Collections
  40. Design Pattern in java
  41. Annotations
  42. Object Class
  43. Finalize


  1. What is automation
  2. Different automation tools availablein market
  3. When do go for automation
  4. How to configure selenium jars ineclipse.
  5. Architecture of selenium WebDriver
  6. Explanation on various HTML tagsand attributes
  7. Different types oflocators in Selenium
    1. By id
    2. By name
    3. By partial link test
    4. By xpaths
      1. Complete/absolute xpaths
      2. Partial xpaths
    5. By Css Selector
  8. Developing xpathsmanually
  9. Installing fire bug and fire pathadd-ons
  10. Developing xpaths using fire bugand fire path add-ons
  11. How to handle dynamic objects inSelenium
  12. Automating several fields ofweb application live online
    1. Button
    2. Link
    3. Textfield
    4. Radiobutton
    5. Checkbox
    6. Dropdown box
    7. Searchbox
  13. Launching and interactingdifferent browsers in selenium WebDriver Different ways to perform navigation in seleniumWebDriver
  14. Difference between close and quit
  15. Performing synchronization inselenium
  16. Handling multiple windows inselenium
  17. Takingscreen shots in selenium
  18. Automating file upload
    1. Explanationon Robot class
    2. Stringselection class
    3. Clipboard
    4. Synchronizationpractical usage while uploading file
  19. Automatingselect boxes using select class
    1. Byindex
    2. ByValue
  20. Handlingalert boxes
  21. Countingobjects on webpage
  22. Performingfollowing on the browser
    1. Navigatingforward button in a browser
    2. Navigatingbackward button in a browser
    3. Anotherway to navigate in a browser
    4. Refreshingpage in a browser
  23. How to read different kind ofdata from excel file
  24. Performing data driven testing inselenium by storing data on excel file using POI API
  25. Properties file
    1. Createproperties files in eclipse
    2. Storingdata in properties files
    3. Howcomment in properties file
    4. Advantageof storing xpaths in properties files
    5. Developinggeneric code using properties files with selenium WebDriver
  26. What is Junit
    1. Annotations of Junit
    2. Developing check points with Junit and Selenium
      1. verifying page tile
      2. verifying page text
      3. verifying edit box
      4. verifying links
      5. Verifying buttons and many more
    3. Parameterizing test using Junit
    4. ANT
      1. Downloading Ant
      2. Configuring ANT
      3. Developing Build.xml
    5. running ant in command prompt window
    6. running test in batch
    7. generating HTML based reports using ANT andbuild.xml
    8. developing .bat file to run ANT
  27. TestNg
    1. Annotations of TestNg
    2. Developing check points with TestNg andSelenium
    3. verifying page tile
    4. verifying page text
    5. verifying edit box
    6. verifying links
    7. Verifying buttons and many more
    8. Parameterizing test using Junit
  28. SeleniumGrid


  1. Introductionto JDBC
  2. UnderstandingTypes Of Driver
    1. Type 1driver
    2. Type 2driver
    3. Type 3driver
    4. Type 4driver
  3. InstallingMysql / Oracle Database with Database Interface
  4. Configuringdriver and connecting with database using JDBC
  5. Performingoperations like
    1. Select
    2. Update
    3. Delete
    4. Drop
    5. Filters
    6. Uploadfiles into database etc
  6. Preparedstatements

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