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Core Java

Software testing has very high job demand across the globe.The worldwide software testing outsourcing market has grown to $30 Billion in 2010 and is expected to be $50 Billion in 2020 according to NASSCOM report. In simple words software development is incomplete without quality check and software testing helps to deliver quality software so that the risk can be minimised.


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Core java Demand

In todays market whether you wish to be developer or tester, corejava learning is mandatory. Most of the interview evaluation is done on corejava fundamentals. Biggest advantage of java is its open source and comes withexcellent API's

Course Objective

This course will make you development fundamentals strong and atthe end you will be able to develop complex logic. The course also aims athelping the learners complete their SCJP / OCJP certifications.

  1. 1000 Plus java examples
  2. Online mock test preparation
  3. Practical examples

  1. Installing JDK
  2. Developing simple java file on editor
  3. Compiling and running .java file from command prompt
  4. –d option
  5. Static versus non-static members
  6. Classes and objects in java
  7. Difference between JDK and JRE
  8. Unary operators
  9. Variables and data types
  10. Typecasting – auto upcasting and explicit down casting
  11. Methods and its rules
  12. Constructors and its rules
  13. This keyword
  14. Super keyword
  15. Inheritance in java with several examples
  16. Conditional statements
  17. loops
  18. Exception handling – Compile time and runtime
  19. Interfaces in java with several examples
  20. Abstract class in java with several examples
  21. Polymorphism
  22. Instance initialization blocks
  23. Static initialization blocks
  24. Garbage collection
  25. Enum
  26. File handling in java - File , FileInputStream, FileOutput Stream, Buffered reader, Buffered Writer etc
  27. Arrays
  28. Collections
  29. String class
  30. Threads
  31. Wrapper classes
  32. Annotations
  33. Java Memory management
  34. Cloning
  35. Inner classes
  36. Assert class
  37. Final keyword
  38. Reflections
  39. Collection Versus Collections
  40. Design Pattern in java
  41. Annotations
  42. Object Class
  43. Finalize


  1. Introduction to JDBC
  2. Understanding Types Of Driver
    1. Type 1 driver
    2. Type 2 driver
    3. Type 3 driver
    4. Type 4 driver
  3. Installing Mysql / Oracle Database with Database Interface
  4. Configuring driver and connecting with database using JDBC
  5. Performing operations like
    1. Select
    2. Update
    3. Delete
    4. Drop
    5. Filters
    6. Upload files into database etc
  6. Prepared statements

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Once the project work is completed you will get course completion certificate